AutoTrigger - The heart of wireless escape room automation

AutoTrigger opens the world of wireless automation to every escape room owner. Whether your room is high tech or low tech, you can use AutoTrigger to help automate the room to create a smooth and immersive environment!

Why add automation?

Automation will give your customers a magical and immersive experience while making it easier to run the room. With doors that open, lights that turn on and props that activate your guests will be enthralled in your story. Automating a room lets you provide a magical, predictable and consistent escape for your customers. It also gives gives game master more time to focus on the players by relieving them of most prop monitoring or activation duties.

Automation also gives the ability to bypass a broken prop. If an automated prop is broken and will not trigger the next event, the game master can click the puzzle in the ClueControl interface. ClueControl will accept that as a solved puzzle and trigger the next set of automation actions.


Triggers detect when a players do something such as open a box, enter a room or break a beam. Triggers include reed switches, motion sensors, beam breaks and even an interface for micro-controller props!


Switches are devices ClueControl can turn off and on. This includes anything and everything that plugs into a wall outlet. The outlets can be added on like extension cords, or you can replace your existing outlets. Options include low voltage controls, motor controls and light dimming options.


Configure ClueControl to perform specific actions when triggered by the MiniMote.
These actions can include:
Start/Stop the timer
Deliver a clue
Solve a puzzle
Give a warning
Adjust the time or clue count
Reset the room

AutoTrigger automation with Wireless Z-Wave

If you are looking for integration that works with a minimal amount of setup and technical expertise, then Z-Wave is for you.

Z-Wave wireless automation devices are easy to setup and use. Monitor keypads, doors, drawers, beam breaks – almost anything you can think of can be monitored with a Z-Wave sensor.  Control any prop or device that can be plugged into an outlet or buy light bulbs with Z-Wave built in.

Z-Wave devices are cost effective, easy to install and easy to find.  You can find them at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and, of course, Amazon (see our list on the FAQ page).

AutoTrigger automation with Arduino

ClueControl can also integrate with props you build or buy that use Arduino or other micro-controllers. Whether you have 1 Arduino or 10, you can control them all from one easy to use graphical interface in ClueControl.

ClueControl uses the industry standard ModBus TCP protocol to send and receive over 10,000 commands. Each command is fully user definable in both ClueControl and the Arduino.

When you download ClueControl, the Arduino library is included. It includes samples and in-line documentation that explains how to use it and how it works.