ClueControl is an integrated part of your immersive room


Set the color or background image to compliment your escape room theme.

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Use your own words for “waiting for clue” or leave it blank.

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Optionally display your logo.

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Choose your own graphics for used and unused clues or use our built in options.

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The font style, size, and color for the timer and text are up to you.

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Create a smooth escape experienced with wireless automation

ClueControl with AutoTrigger opens the world of wireless automation to all escape room owners.  Use automation to give your customers a magically seamless experience while freeing up your game masters to focus on the teams.

When players solve a puzzle, open a door, or take other specific actions, ClueControl can take actions including

  • Play a video clip
  • Lock/unlock a door
  • Turn a prop off/on
  • Turn a light off/on

​Learn more about AutoTrigger!

Build smart rooms with Arduino prop integration

If you build or buy buy props that use Arduino, you can integrated them into ClueControl to create a smart room.

ClueControl can send and receive over 1,000 user defined commands when connected to the Arduino via an IP network.

If you have a controller other than Arduino that can connect to an IP network, contact us to discuss integration.

More than Clues to enhance communication with your players

Create predefined clue and reward messages using pictures, text, audio and video.

Give teams a clue to help them solve a puzzle.

When they solve a puzzle, give them a reward to move them deeper into the experience.

If teams are breaking rules or need extra help, send ad-hoc text clues or warnings, or use the live talk feature to talk directly to the teams through the computer speakers using the Live Talk button.

Keep the excitement going with time based events

Build excitement, keep the game moving and keep your players on their toes by using time based triggers to play videos, display pictures or even activate any of your automated props.

Track team and puzzle performance

​Show teams how they compare to the min, max and average time for each puzzle. This is great tool for team building events!

This report also lets you see how puzzles compare to each other so you can make decisions about the difficulty of the puzzles.

Great for the GameMaster too

ClueControl provides a great customer experience, but it was also built with the Game Master in mind.

Game Masters can easily track and update clues given, puzzles solved and even adjust the time remaining and clues given counters all from one simple control screen.

Looking for a free basic timer system?

You can download the free version of ClueControl. It is a basic timer and clue system that will give you an idea of what the full version of ClueControl could do for you. This is not the 30 day trail, but is a free forever, lite version of ClueControl. Our contribution to the Escape Room community!