Clue Control How-to Videos

System Setup

An overview of just how much you can customize ClueControl. A great place to start if you just downloaded and want to get setup quickly.

Control Room & Escape Room Screens

This gives you a quick run through of the screen the players see and the screen the game master uses to run the game.

​Puzzle Setup Screen

Watch this to see how quick and easy it is to setup puzzles, clues, rewards and automation in ClueControl.

Reset Report

Escape Room Owners can use this report to make sure all their game masters are resetting the room consistently and to make note of any props or puzzles that are wearing out.

RFID Puzzle

This video walks you through building your own RFID puzzle using and Arduino.  It does require some technical skill, but if you are a do-it-yourself ER owner, this video is for you!

Amazon links for parts listed in the video:
Elegoo Arduino       $ 10
Beboncool RFID      $   7
Arduino Ethernet   $ 10
Arduino Box             $ 11
Arduino Power         $ 8

*Note these are Amazon Affiliate links and I earn a commission if you purchase using the link.  Your price is the same whether you use the link or not.